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Company Profile

Shenzhen night travel Technology Co., Ltd. was established in march2017 and is mainly engaged in digital optoelectronic night vision systems. It has 45 independent intellectual property rights in the main vision system and AI night vision system solutions, providing industry users with cutting-edge vision technologies.

The R & D center has an advanced integrating sphere photoelectric laboratory. We have patents and rich experience in automotive night vision system, unmanned warning system and robot vision system.

Customer support begins even before any product is received. Since each system is customized, you will directly contact the technicians in the whole design process, because we will customize the integrated system according to your needs. We keep in touch at every step to ensure that you have the most effective solution you need.

Areas of Expertise: Design of digital photoelectric system,Night Vision Systems ,Embedded development

Business Philosophy: Innovation, Cooperation, Win-Win, Benefit the society

Wholly-owned subsidiary